maTLS: How to Make TLS middlebox-aware?

September 18, 2019
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maTLS: How to Make TLS middlebox-aware?

Current Solution

MITM: * Client: fake root certificate * Server: CDNs request server private keys.

=> Increased risks in MITM attack
=> How to work honestly?
    1. encryption-based
    2. TEE-based
    3. TLS extension-based



  1. authenticate all middleboxes
  2. audit all middleboxes
  3. security parameter verification
  4. valid modification checks

Middlebox transparency (MT): MT system targets middlebox certificates, it logs certificates, which can be publicly mon- itored and audited by any interested parties.


How to do

An extension in middlebox’ X509 Certificates indicates the access of this middlebox.


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