Erblog -- A Simple Theme for My Blog

2019-12-05 blog


A personal blog theme powered by Hugo. Erblog is written by Ertuil with layui.js, font-awssome,github markdown css and undraw.

Erblog is also a responsive theme which means it is customed for your mobile platforms.




1. Installation

You can install the theme by git clone.

$ git submodule add themes/erblog
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Now you can get updates to Erblog in the future by updating the submodule:

$ git submodule update --remote themes/minimal

2. Configuration

There are some basic configuration options you may want to use:

Name Description Default
title Name of your website None
googleAnalytics Google Analytics ID None
Params.portrait The protrait file erblog/static/self/img/avater.jpg Your Name ‘Authors’
Params.description A simple description ‘Intro’ Your biological description None
Params.favicon The favicon file “/favicon.ico”

Alse you can add your own custom menus in config.toml like this:

    url = "/home/"
    name = "Files"
    weight = 6

    url = "/dl/"
    name = "Download"
    weight = 7

None you add add your contacts like this:

# Social icons to be shown on the right-hand side of the navigation bar
# The "name" field should match the name of the icon to be used
# The list of available icons can be found at

    url = ""
    name = "envelope-o"
    weight = 1

    url = ""
    name = "github"
    weight = 1

    url = ""
    name = "twitter"
    weight = 1

    url = ""
    name = "instagram"
    weight = 1

For more details, see exampleSite.

3. Content Management

3.1 Posts

There are three basic sections, ‘post’, ‘zone’ and ‘gallery’. You may create a new post using the following command:

hugo new post/

3.2 Zone

A section like facebook


hugo new zone/

Gallery is a simple collection for your photos.


hugo new gallery/

You can upload your files to /static directory and write these contents in

title: "A gallery"
date: 2019-12-01T13:21:53+08:00
draft: false


Add the following content to your config.toml

    url = "/zone/"
    name = "Zone"
    weight = 1

    url = "/gallery/"
    name = "Gallery"
    weight = 2